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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I change the package around abit? 

A. You sure can!  If you would like to chop and change the package a little bit to suit your budget, I am more than happy to do that. For an example, if you want the premium package but there is no way we need to be there for 10 hours! Let's chop a few hours to same some money! 

Q. Can I pay off the full amount straight away? 
A. If your wedding is to be filmed within 6 months of booking, sure! However, it is preferred that payment is made one month before the big day. 

Q. When do you start and finish filming? 
A. This depends on the package that you choose and the schedule for your individual day. Usually we arrive at the late stages of bridal preparation and leave after all formalities; when it's time to let your hair down. 

Q. Will you work alongside my photographer?
A. Yes! We've worked with some amazing photographers and have always had a blast with them. We will make contact with them in the lead up to your big day to finalise the schedule and shot list.

Q. Do you charge travel fees?
A. Yes! My car doesn't run on love, we charge $0.68c/km in accordance with the ATO recommendations. If required for your wedding, we also charge the cost of accomodation.

Q. What camera gear do you use?
A. We use high end, quality cameras as we don't just film weddings and our gear needs to be versatile. Chances are you have seen many movies filmed with these cameras! They are Blackmagic Cinema Pocket 6k cameras.  

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