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Ipsarty Art Therapy

Role: Filmed + Edit

Fitstop - Refined Winner 2020

Role: Filmed + Edit

Hawkesbury River Saddle PTC

Role: Filmed + Edit

Sponsor advert during the Willinga Park Gold Buckle Cup

Willinga Park Gold Buckle Cup Day 2

Role: Filmed + Edit 

Highlight Package at *17:10*

Willinga Park Gold Buckle Cup Day 1

Role: Filmed + Edit 

Highlight package at *4:10*

Willinga Park Highlights

Role: Filmed + Edit

Video filmed and edited under fast paced enviroment. Filmed during live broadcast and edited in each break, ready for the afternoons wrap up show which was also live broadcast. 

Fitstop Social Media Plug

Role: Filmed + Edit 

Quick video made for social media to advertise that the first session is free. Filmed in a 15minute afternoon session. 

Fitstop Refined Winner - Daniel

Role: Filmed + Edit 

Interview with Daniel following his 6 week challenge at Fitstop Maroochydore. Insane effort by Daniel and the results show! 

Crossfit Contessa - Crossfit Open

Role: Filmed + Edit 

Quick Social media edit for Crossfit Contessa showcasing a weekend workout. This edit contained 3 different versions for my client. Short/Medium/Long; Depending on what platform my client was going to upload too. 

Curious Humans - THE GAME

Role: Filmed + Edit 

Social Media video made for the new card game Curious Humans. http://curioushumansgame.com/

Roadtrip North to Darwin

Role: Filmed + Edit 

Filmed over few weeks and a few different jobs. We were filming on our way north for a PBR TV Episode. I made this video when I got home to showcase how much I love doing what I'm doing. Australia...is...amazing!

End of 2016 - ShowReel

Role: Filmed + Edit + Switch 2016

End of year edit for Tafe. Show casing bits and pieces from events I had filmed and edited over the year. This was used as an assessment piece. 

Bassdropp Toowoomba - Underage Rave

Role: Filmed + Edit 2016

This was good fun to film and edit, the kids were crazy. Made as a after movie re-cap and also used for promotions for upcoming events. 

Crossfit Contessa - GoPro Edit

Role: Filmed + Edit 2016

Filmed over 5 saturday's showcasing 5 weekend workouts. Crossfit Contessa is an All Women's Crossfit gym on the Sunshine Coast. 

Hamilton Island Family Holiday 

Role: Filmed + Edit 2016

Funny story about this one. Week long stay on Hamilton Island. Only two days of footage due to slipping and dropping the GoPro in the pool without it's waterproof housing :( Very glad I got to keep some footage, was an amazing week and so glad we all have this video to look back on to remember it. 

High Rising & Hot Heels - South Adrica 2012

Role: Editor 2012

This video was edited for my brother who competed overseas for a few gravity sports events. By his surprise he came third! Becoming one of his best achievements to date. I had a ball editing this video along side him. In the street luge community this is still classed as one of the best videos out. 

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